More about the #SoapFor237 #SavonPour237 Team

As of May 2020, we are a multidisciplinary and non-partisan group of volunteer collaborators. We came together because we share the goal of getting soap and COVID-19 education to as many people in Cameroon as possible. Our activities use humanitarian principles including respect for humanity, impartiality, neutrality and operational independence.

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Some of the people involved:

  • Akumbu Jones, Bamenda, Cameroon

  • Cherisse Kirk, Toronto, Canada

  • Etienne Tanyuy, Yaoundé, Cameroon

  • Lesley Sikapa, Toronto, Canada 

  • Louis Njakoi, Bamenda, Cameroon 

  • Lynn Cockburn, Hamilton, Canada

  • Njolav Michael, Bamenda, Cameroon

  • Patience Fakembe, Toronto, Canada

  • Providence Mapingire, Toronto, Canada

  • Soomin Lee, Toronto, Canada

Get Involved

We would love to hear from Volunteers and Organizations who are interested in collaborating or partnering on this work from anywhere in the world. You can become involved irrespective of your location!

Collaborating organizations

La Liberte Arts Group, Bamenda, Cameroon

Preventive Medicine Foundation, Cameroon

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