Goal #1

Every Quarterhead/councillor/neighbourhood leader has enough soap/savon to regularly ensure that everyone in their quarter has savon.

​As part of the process, we help the Quarterheads to understand the basic concepts of how to break chains of COVID-19transmission.

  • Everyone in the quarter gets soap. There is no targeting “vulnerable” or “poor”. If someone has extra soap, they can share with others in the network. People do not have to show they are poor or have other reason, it just goes to everyone in the neighbourhood so that the whole neighbourhood can work together.

  • Quarterheads, city councilors, and neighbourhood leaders have the responsibility to know what is going on in their quarter, and the authority to support initiatives like this.

  • Quarterheads can learn about COVID-19 so that can inform their people. As part of the #SoapFor237 process, we help the Quarterheads to understand the basic concepts of how to break chains of transmission of COVID-19.

  • Quarterheads need to have enough soap/savon to regularly ensure that everyone in their quarter has savon to maintain high levels of sanitaiton.

  • Hand Sanitizer is less of a priority - However, we recognize that there is much discussion about the benefits and drawbacks of hand sanitizers, and at time we might include hand sanitizer.

Goal #2

Every quarter has at least one person who is championing the importance of hand washing with soap to reduce COVID-19 transmission.

This person/people (and could be from a local NGO) knows the specific quarter/neighbourhood and can adapt the #SoapFor237 process WITH the Quarterhead or other community leaders. Some quarters will have a group of sponsors and support from local or international NGOs.

Goal #3

Openness about COVID-19. By maintaining good relationships and teamwork, we will work towards elimination of stigma and the sharing of mis-information about COVID-19.

No blaming, there is recognition that knowledge is changing quickly and we need to be able to share as much as possible. We track who is providing the support to be able to recognize them openly.

  • The Quarterheads have many responsibilities. If there is one (or more people or organizations) they can work with to ensure soap supply, they will be more able to focus on other aspects.

  • There needs to be a small group of people who really understand the importance of handwashing and can relay information to everyone in the quarter.

  • The Champion is also responsible for working with the Quarterhead and the #SoapFor237 team to ensure that there is funding for the work.

Goal #4

Everyone in the country has access to water for handwashing.

Goal #5

People share empty bottles to carry handwashing water.

Goal #6

People share bottles of water with others.

Rationale for the Water Goals:

  • People need to have water to wash their hands. It can be rain water or from other sources.

  • People can share water and find ways to get water to people for hand washing and for drinking, recognizing that if one person does not have, they can transmit the virus to everyone in the neighbourhood.

  • People learn to wash hands every time they come into the house and every time they have touched something.

  • People encourage the sharing of empty bottles so that people can hold water. People share bottles of water with those who need it, for example in the neighbourhood or at work places.

  • Innovative ways to use bottles are shared.

Goal #7

There will be over 100 women's groups who are making soap in each of the 10 regions (over 1000 groups in the country), and there is a systematic way to buy soap from them.

They will produce and be able give to the quarterheads for no cost to the Quarterheads because the funds to pay the women’s groups come from governments and donors.

Rationale for these goals: 

  • Women need to have sources of income, and many do know how to make soap.

  • Women know how to take care of their families and communities.

  • Often men want to take over initiatives. If we do not explicitly talk about how to support and include women, they can be excluded.