Distribution to Upper Futru Nkwen, with guidance from Quarter Head Pa Ngante Dominic

Nkwen, Bamenda

Quarter Head Pa Ngante Dominic, along with assistant Quarter Head Pa Joe Fru worked with #SoapFor237 volunteers and a local soap manufacturer to distribute soap to 320 households in the Upper Futru Nkwen Quarter by the 25 to 27 of April. The volunteers were easily identified by wearing t-shirts that said “Fight Against COVID-19” and “Soap for Nkwen” and they were happy to answer the questions about COVID-19 posed by residents. In addition to sharing information on the importance of handwashing, the volunteers were able to gain insight into the needs of residents and the best ways to service them.

Due to the ongoing Anglophone crisis, many households are extremely overcrowded. Many people have run from villages to find refuge with relatives in towns like Bamenda. About 1600 people were reached.

Submitted by Njolav Micheal Bongfen, Nyuykonghe Raissa Nsanyuy, Rewoh John, and Ayunia Muhammed