Distribution to Upper Bayelle, Bamenda 3 Nkwen.


The Upper Bayelle quarter has the youngest leader in the Nkwen Fondum, Mr. Azinwi Azefor, who also happens to be a municipal councillor. #SoapFor237 worked in collaboration with La Liberte Arts Group for this distribution. First, we had a meeting with the quarterhead, who agreed to the soap distribution and education.

The process was informed by the guidance of a respected woman in the community, Mrs. Toh who is a title-holder from the quarter. Her support helped Mr. Azefor to understand the objectives of #SoapFor237.

Another of the notables, Mrs Man Ka'a Gracious, asked “Why bring Achu without soup?” What she meant was that generally people in the NW see gifts in twos. So if you are bringing someone Achu (pounded cocoyam), you should also provide the soup to eat with it. If you are bringing fufu, you must bring njama njama (vegetables). In other words, she was saying we needed to provide water or buckets, to which we then explained that God has blessed us with rain water, and we are focusing on provision of soap.

After permission was obtained, we purchased four boxes of soap, which is 240 cubes. Usually the quarter cryer announces information to the quarter, therefore the quarter cryer announced the #SoapFor237 initiative and asked the household heads to come to the quaterhead’s compound. To ensure social distancing and limit the number of people at one time, only 5 households came on one day. As the soap was distributed, we educated the population on COVID-19 with the quarterhead. This distribution ended on Saturday, April 11, 2020.

Submitted by Akumbu L Jones and Toh Judith