Distribution in Etoug-Ebe


#SoapFor237 Distribution in Carrefour TKC, Yaoundé, Yaoundé IV subdivision

Chief Abessolo and the sub-divisional office of Yaoundé IV were approached by #SoapFor237 and representatives of the Preventive Medicine Foundation to do soap distribution. They were very receptive to the idea, and were very useful in mobilisation. Soap was purchased by #SoapFor237 from The Baptist Women's group of Etoug-Ebe Baptist Church in this neighbourhood .

The volunteers from Preventive Medicine Foundation were well organised and carried out the #SoapFor237 project successfully by going from door to door on April 7, 2020 to the houses that had been identified as needing the soap..

Most inhabitants in Carrefour TKC were receptive and listened to us with keen interest about COVID-19, and asked questions where necessary. Some of the inhabitants started demonstrating the handwashing techniques just at the spot.

Many households were very happy as their quarter was selected for the soap distribution. Some people don't still believe that the Covid-19 exists. So we took enough time to educate them. Some people refused the soap, even though we explained several times but they didn't believe us. So we just passed them by. In the end we gave soap to about 54 households. It is difficult to know how many people, but probably about 250 people.

We learned a lot from this event. Effective communication is a community approach. Being able to move in the quarters and explain about COVID-19 and the necessary hygiene steps to observe in this pandemic is not easy but it was good to do.

Submitted by Mr Tanyuy Etienne. and Dr Asong Eric,