Distribution in Abangoh, Nkwen


Abangoh is a quarter in Menteh, a neighbourhood in Nkwen, Bamenda. Abangoh means “hills with stones” in Nkwen, the local language. Abangoh is situated in the foot of Ntambang, and currently has 68 houses, many of which hold several people.

We carry on distribution of soaps to residents of Abangoh every month to help fight the spread of COVID-19. This exercise is carried out under the supervision of the Quarterhead, who encourages the efforts. We buy soap from women who have small businesses.

Our main goal is to target the community in Abangoh with soap to help them learn about COVID-19 prevention. We have been doing this since April 2020.

In June, we had the distribution of soaps to the over 68 homes, giving 2 cubes of soap to each household.

The inhabitants of the community welcome the initiative and would like it to be weekly. We hope in the nearest future we shall be able to increase the quantity.

In the same quarter, we had to carry our water from a distance. Now (as of early June), the quarter is having free water in the community where everyone is having access to it, thanks to a donor. These efforts really make a difference to the quality of life in our quarter, and help people to get to know each other.